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8 nejlepších schůzek / 8 lučšich svidanij / 8 лучших свиданий / The 8 Best Dates 2016, RU.mkv

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Režie: Marius Vaysberg / Марюс Вайсберг

8 Best Dates (Russian: 8 лучших свиданий, romanized: 8 luchshikh svidaniy) is a 2016 Russian romantic comedy directed by Maryus Vaysberg. It is a sequel to the 2015 film 8 New Dates. The film stars Vera Brezhneva and Volodymyr Zelensky. Initially, the film was planned to be released on December 31, 2015, but the date was later postponed.

Having learned from the doctors that he has only a few weeks to live, Nikita makes the courageous decision to transfer his family and work to decent hands. An employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations named Ilya becomes a candidate for a replacement, a decent man all around. Nikita makes every effort to “introduce” Ilya as soon as possible into his life and unexpectedly succeeds in this. Soon, Ilya becomes an excellent father for Nikita's children, an indispensable employee at the clinic and, most importantly, a very appealing man for Masha, Nikita's beautiful wife. However, the real test of this is only beginning, because Nikita soon realizes that the doctors were wrong, and in fact he will not die at all in the near future. Now he has to win back his place in the family and at work, and it turns out to be much more difficult than it seems at first glance.

В ролях:
Владимир Зеленский, Вера Брежнева, Владимир Епифанцев, Евгений Кошевой, Сергей Казанин, Нино Кантария, Виктор Щур, Мария Ивакова

Одним солнечным днем преуспевающий владелец ветклиники Никита узнает, что неизлечимо болен. Он не подозревает, что это врачебная ошибка, и всерьез задумывается: кто же позаботится о его прекрасных жене, детях и бизнесе?.. И тут в его голову приходит мысль, что, как это ни прискорбно, кажется, пора подыскивать себе замену.

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